Beware of Suzye’s Spotless Specialties


Hopefully I can save someone the issues!

Lets see ….where do I begin, first of all I called Suzye Martin to come out and give me an estimate for weed pulling which she did promptly and said she could start the following Monday after looking at it. I was surprised one could start that quickly (first red flag), I met with Suzye after her crew and her had started the job and she up-sold me into weed-guard and mulch, talking about how great they do it yaddy ya ya. She even explained how they cut nicely around all bushes and plants etc. I figured well lets go for it after she gave me pricing for all of it. She told me to pick up two rolls which I thought was odd and wondered why she wouldn’t just provide it ( second red flag- cant afford to purchase her own supplies), I went ahead and got the two rolls and dropped them off. She later called me after the first day of work and wanted to be paid already, even though the job was not finished (third red flag- no money for operating). I wrote her a check which she wanted made out to her personally and not her business ( fourth red flag) .  I gave her the check and she later called me again the next day to say she was all out of weedguard even though I provided what she had told me. I told her I was working and could not pick it up so she did and she ran out again so this time the just proceeded and didn’t put weedguard down in many of my bed areas and covered with mulch as to give the appearance the job was done. I have weedguard not properly installed, overlapping or trimmed all over and not even full coverage. I didn’t know this until later when I saw weeds starting to grow that very week and went and moved mulch, as I expected no weedguard and missing in many areas. I told her it was missing and she said shed take care of it and apologized and said they ran out of weedguard. Hmm, third time running out of weedguard. She said she came and fixed it but ran out of weedguard once again lol  She then told me I would need to pay toi have her come again and finish her own job and was very rude about it, I lost my patience at this point.  She tells me its not her fault she ran out?? lol I asked whose fault is it if not hers?? She decided to argue and blame it on me for not getting enough etc. Not to mention all of my weeds weren’t removed, she talked herself and her crew up a ton and didn’t do half of what she promised. After i said I was going to turn things over to my attorney she said she would fix it if I provided weeguard I said ok Ill get weedguard , she then back pedals and says have your attorney call me!! WOW! So if you want a scammer and a liar hire Suzye and her crew! Suzye is very unprofessional, obviously doesn’t run a business well at all and over promises with an under delivery! Call her for a half-ass job and a bunch of headache!!

Summary- bill was higher than what she said it would be, didn’t pull all the weeds as agreed, didn’t put weedguard down properly or everywhere as agreed and didn’t trim the weedguard as its overhanging my curbing all over my yard- looks ghetto fabulous!

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving! At Syracuse, UT in Syracuse, UT

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Buddha tattoo

I finished this Buddha piece today which was a ton of fun!

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Live broadcasts from the studio!

We will be doing live broadcast from the studio starting this Saturday! This is a good chance to see the tattoo process and ask any questions that you may have! Follow the link for a schedule of broadcasts and details!

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Still a lot going on!

Well let’s see. Where do I start about the crazy year of 2012! I am going back to the UK next month for wonderful people, great times and awesome tattoos! We then have the Park City Utah tattoo convention in August, the. The Paradise Tattoo Gathering in September, followed by a guest spot at Off The Map Tattoo in October and finally the Portland tattoo convention! It’s been a great year and I’m very grateful for all of my wonderful clients who bring me amazing pieces in which I’m very honored to do! THE PARK CITY TATTOO CONVENTION

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New Schedule!

Ok so ….due to my high stress levels, feelings of being overwhelmed and the fact Im not a superhuman I have changed the way I handle my schedule. Thank you to all of my clients as you are very patient and awesome! I really do wish I could tattoo everyone in the timeframe they want but I can’t, this time has been coming for a while. If you do want to wait for an opening then AWESOME and if you don’t I apologize but I’m done working myself to death lol. I can still fit in smaller pieces and such in a timely manner but there is a waiting list for larger pieces that will take me hours to prepare. Thank you again to my existing clients and soon to be clients for being so understanding and getting awesome tattoos!

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Health department meeting went great!! Davis County will soon be a much safer place within the tattoo industry!

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An optimist stays up until midnight to see the new year in. A pessimist stays up to make sure the old year leaves.
-Bill Vaughan

Be safe!

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Park City Tattoo Convention

Big thanks to Jeff Gogue for the art and being such an amazing guy/ artist! Also thanks to all of the other attending artists this show is going to be amazing!


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Response to Kelly Miller and his lies!

First of all Kelly I have never met you once in my life nor shook your hand for that matter. You say and have your peons say you are respected in the industry but by whom?? No one that I know of nor any of the professional shops in Utah. You have a lot to say about Davis county regs but have no idea what the regs are or what I am proposing. You fly off the handle with no knowledge of the subjects you speak about and bashing amazing artists whom are highly respected worldwide! The only changes I am proposing are industry standard regs to be added that Davis County is lacking and how would you know anything about our issues with infections in Davis County?? You don’t live in Davis County, have a shop in Davis County and never have worked in Davis County.

The issue we have with inexperienced and halfassed trained supposed artists is an issue everywhere not just Davis county. There are many counties and states that already have my suggested regs in place already. These regs protect the public by making sure proper sterilization and pathogen control is being followed. If you really think tubes are the only issue at hand in a shop you are sorely mistaken…how about everything that is touched during the process?? Please stop spreading your lies about me as I have never even met you! I am sorry that you are an uneducated old man and way out of your league in the industry. Don’t hate on people that are doing good for the industry and actually care about the art instead of the money like you! You try to push your items for sale just like your disposable tubes above. Your readers will learn quickly that you are motivated by money I however am motivated by the art and making things better. We have never had such a big problem in the history of tattooing as we do now especially with people like yourself who promote the sales of tattoo equipment to unqualified people. If we have proper licensing in place in Utah then guess what it makes it harder for Kelly to sale his equipment to the general public as he does now!

Many professions require licensing including people who do and cut hair….why should we not have licensing. Licensing keeps untrained and unqualified people from tattooing legally. If you see a problem with that then nothing will get through to you and all conversations are pointless. We need this in the industry BADLY! We have more scratchers in the business than ever before in the history of tattooing if we do not come up with the proper requirements then major issues will present themselves.

I am very surprised a sole called professional as yourself does not see the need for this! You should really just work on improving yourself and your own artists and maybe you wouldn’t be so hateful towards everyone else in the industry lol. As far all your Gypsy comments about conventions, I do agree that there are some conventions that don’t have the industry in mind and let anyone attend and these conventions are a problem. I do not attend these conventions or support them but there are many conventions that are amazing and a great contribution to the industry! If you stopped supporting scratchers then I am sure some of these good conventions would let you attend. However as long as you keep making enemies in the industry this will never happen as per this blog you wrote amongst many others—-


Jared Preslar

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